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Dressing up & dressing down

Sexy pair of legs.


Identical | Portland Fashion Photography

Anne and Claire Weaver-Stroke Post

Portland Wedding Photographer - Katy Weaver Blog

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ve had an awesome weekend spent with family and friends from near and far. I was able to get ALL the way caught up on client work by Wednesday, which means I’ve had a wonderful stress-free weekend! It also meant that I was able to do a fun test shoot with my twin sisters while they were in town! They both turn 20 years old in a week so the photoshoot was part of their birthday present. We went with a simple black and white theme and drove around to some new locations out toward Hillsboro.

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James and the twins | Fashion Photography

Anne and Claire image imageGreat post for rubbing one off.

Portland Wedding Photographer - Katy Weaver Blog

My identical twin sisters, Annie and Claire, visited me in Corvallis this past weekend, and we all had a great time hanging out! My friend James O’Shea was also visiting from Salem, so the four of us decided to do a quick collaborative shoot at sunset on Saturday night. James works predominantly in film, so he brought along his medium-format camera and I photographed him photographing my sisters (complicated but awesome). James has this old-fashioned handsomeness about him that is only amplified by his vintage gear, so I went along with that feeling when capturing the scene.

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